Gas monitoring and detection devices

Categories of Equipment

Categories of Equipment

Gas Monitoring and Detection Devices

ATHERO Company is committed to providing chemical monitoring solutions with quality products and services that conform to customer requirements. We focus is to provide innovative solutions utilizing sound engineering and quality manufacturing practices.
The range of our solutions includes devices with high accuracy of gas detection. Their use is in demand in various fields of production, medicine, nutrition and agriculture. All devices can be connected to a single monitoring network for online monitoring of the state of the environment. Our services include comprehensive support and services with a guarantee of participation.

Field of Application

Production and Industry

Industrial Hygiene
Safety at Work

Hazardous gas detection systems provide continuous monitoring of the workplace environment in real time. The areas of application of Athero equipment include industrial, commercial and production processes, industrial facilities, water harvesting, etc.

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Food Safety

Safety at Food Production Facilities

An important area for the detection of hazardous substances is food production. Athero offers a range of devices and services that allow you to quickly detect the presence of a microbial environment that is not acceptable at food facilities.

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Mining Operation

at Mining Facilities

Checking and detecting gas emissions and leaks at mining sites, allows you to increase the safety of work and meet the requirements for safety monitoring. The Athero line of gas analyzers is designed for toxic chemical analysis.

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Medicine and Chemistry

Gas Detection
in Medicine

ATHERO equipment enables the detection and control of hazardous substances, contributing to the safety of patients and personnel. Accurate and reliable gas sensors help prevent the occurrence of emergencies and facilitate quick responses to leaks and contaminations.

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Space Technologies

Tests for Space

Accurate gas sensors provide air quality control, detect levels of hazardous gases, and maintain optimal conditions for life and plant cultivation in space environments. This is critically important for the successful functioning of life support systems.

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Analysis of Gas Emissions During Cargo Transportation

ATHERO gas monitoring systems enable the detection of emissions of hazardous substances during transportation. This contributes to compliance with safety standards and facilitates efficient cargo transportation.

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ATHERO Equipment Resolves Goals

ATHERO Equipment Resolves Goals

Occupational Safety

ATHERO's sensor technology surpasses traditional leak detectors, offering a selectivity level of parts per billion (Ppb). It can detect and identify hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other airborne compounds with unparalleled accuracy, outperforming consumer-grade devices and eliminating the need for bulky laboratory equipment.

Monitoring Online

ATHERO utilizes the principles employed by ab-grade gas chromatographs to continuously analyze samples, enabling round-the-clock monitoring. Our advanced sensor technology operates with ambient air, ensuring the longevity of the devices even with continuous use. Additionally, our software provides comprehensive device management and allows you to monitor the data collected by the sensors in real-time.

Adaptive Detection Systems

The experts at ATHERO will customize a project tailored to the specific requirements of your facility, ensuring seamless implementation. The modular design of our gas monitoring system allows for its deployment in environments of varying complexity. With a centralized management system, you can easily monitor environmental changes in real-time, enabling swift response and ensuring optimal safety.

On-Site Monitoring

One of a few well-established methods for a reliable analysis of VOCs is analytical gas chromatography. However, real time field monitoring using a conventional GC with standard sensors (FID, PID, etc.) has a lot of fundamental barriers and limitations due to its bulky size, heavy weight, special carrier gases requirement and high maintenance. ATHERO addresses the issues directly.


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