Gas monitoring and detection devices

Online Monitoring and Control

ATHERO provides advanced solutions for gas analysis and detection of harmful substances. Our company specializes in the sale of equipment that ensures accurate and reliable real-time environmental monitoring.

We offer the capability of remote monitoring for the functionality of systems and equipment, which support remote connectivity. This enables our clients to stay informed about their equipment's status from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the ATHERO system allows for receiving notifications about events and the detection of critical values. Alerts are sent through various communication channels such as SMS and email.

Our focus is on delivering innovative solutions that guarantee maximum reliability and safety. Feel free to reach out to us using our contact information for more detailed insights into our Online Monitoring services and to find the optimal solution for your needs. Our team is ready to assist you in making your equipment highly efficient and dependable.

Complex of Services

Remote Access

  • We provide remote access to monitoring systems, allowing you to keep track of them without being tied to a specific location.

Data Analysis

  • We offer the capability to analyze data collected by monitoring systems, enabling you to identify trends and make informed decisions.

Event Notifications

  • In case of equipment malfunctions or exceeding critical substance levels, our staff can promptly send notifications to minimize downtime and prevent potential issues.

Communication Сhannels

  • Our system sends alerts about substance concentration exceedance through various communication channels, including SMS and email, keeping you informed at all times.


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